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After the Chilean Earthquake-Bio Reconstruyendo el Sur initiative

After the Earthquake Catastrophe that happened on February 27th 2010, many NGO’s and volunteering initiatives raised in order to help the most damaged areas. One that seemed very interesting to me because of its “holistic” approach towards working with the affected communities is Bio-Reconstruyendo al Sur de Chile . Their focus is on community building and re-construction of the homes in the devastated areas. Not only by “giving things” but by developing skills and working hand-in-hand with the affected. Here is what artist Daniela Aravena, part of the team, reports:

Bio-Rebuilding in Southern Chile (Bio-Reconstruyendo al Sur de Chile ) was (more…)


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“I like” Design for Social Innovation in Facebook

ENG/ Just because it becomes easier to let you know about new posts and new stuff to read [methods, processes, cases, etc], become a Facebook Fan [I like] of Design for Social Innovation
ESP/ Solo porque nos parece más fácil avisarles sobre nuevos contenidos de la página y posteos sobre métodos, processos, casos y otras cosas; les sugerimos hacerse  fan [“me gusta”] en Facebook de Design for Social Innovation

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By Design: listen to valid interlocutors

ENG/ So there is this interesting show that gives a space to design, presented by Alan Saunders. And it is from ABC You can start by listening to Dori Tunstall talking about DESIGN ANTHROPOLOGY, topic that has gotten me quite interested as a researcher. This is a topic that generates controversy as there are many complexities involved in this interchange (people, social innovation, methods, empathy, discipline, collaboration, participation, empowerment, business?, inequality… within others)

“What can designers learn from anthropologists?
Our guest today believes they can learn a great deal. In fact, she has married the two disciplines and is a leading exponent of what has come to be known as design anthropology. She believes successful design begins with carefully observing human nature, whether it be how high-heeled shoes affect natural ways of walking or how participation in the design process empowers marginalized communities”
You can even download the audio:

ESPAÑOL/ Me topé con un programa acá en Estados Unidos, llamado BY DESIGN, dirigido por Alan Saunders. Les recomiendo partir escuchando a Dori Tunstall, a quién he seguido últimamente debido a un interés en antropología del diseño. Este es ciertamente un tema controversial debido a la complejidad de sus componentes (personas, innovacion social, métodos, disciplina, empatía, colaboración, participación, empoderamiento, ¿negocios? …entre otros)

“¿Qué pueden los diseñadores aprender de los antropólogos?
Nuestra invitada
cree que pueden aprender mucho. Incluso ella ha “casado” ambas disciplinas y es una exponente líder de lo que se a llamado antropología del diseño. Cree que el diseño exitoso observa detenidamente la naturaleza humana. Puede ser en áreas tanto como qué pasa cuando caminan en taco alto, o cuando estamos participando en procesos de diseño que empoderan a comunidades marginadas”(
Se puede bajar el audio:

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