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QloQ’s Asset-Based Community Discovery

Pic:Design in Difference multidisciplinary course 2011 Design-Anthro NCState [CM]

Is not everyday that you have a group of students that are so proactive and willing to work with others outside their community. Three students from the Design in Difference have made a major linkage of what they learned in this design-anthropology course [mainly “community building” through asset-based methods for co-creation] with their work [a non profit that looks to promote sustainable relationships among two different cultures]. Here is what Brian Gaudio , architecture student at NCState did with his undergraduate research grant in in Dominican Republic through “Que lo Que“:Pic: Brian Gaudio and QloQ in Dominican Republic

“K lo k.” A colloquial Dominican phrase for “what’s up” is part of North Carolina State University‘s vocabulary thanks to the student organization Que lo Que. Over the past two years, students from around the US have worked and lived in the Dominican Republic to better understand the culture and relationship between the US and DR. (more…)


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Design in Difference Course: Exploring our own biases

PIC: some student’s videos: Brian, Hunter & James [CM]
In the context of Design-Anthropology, our multidisciplinary [Business, Science, Architecture, Landscape Architecture & Anthropologists] class is learning the use of applied ethnographic methods in order to work with communities that are not their own. We hold to Wolcott’s definition that, in its evolution, Ethnography had been used particularly to study and understand faraway [geographically] cultures. Today it has become more problem or topic oriented, enabling the study of subcultures or subgroups within our same geographical location.

Pic: about fieldnotes, ethics & cases of design-anthropology application in Ghana & Chile [Kofi & Constanza]
Engaging in Ethnographic research is not the “only way” to understand culture, but is “a way” [Wolcott] that has many benefits. We explore them during the course. Yet, it is important that before engaging this type of inquiry, students reflect on their own biases. As they become “instrument of inquiry” we need them to make the Reflective question: WHO AM I, and which is my (more…)

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Course: Design-in-Difference NC State College of Design

Picture: Sid Ahmed being interviewed in Mauritania [CM].

Due to the increasing demand of students interested in working with communities and learning new methods, we have designed the course: Design-in-Difference LAR582.009. The 3 credit lecture will be given by Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture Kofi Boone [Ghana Study Abroad Program] and PhD Design-Anthropology  Student Constanza Miranda [Design for Social Innovation Studios in Chile and the States]. The course will work with a partnership with the OIS to develop a 1 minute documentary piece that will summarize the engagement process with an (more…)

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