Designing for real autonomy

March 30, 2011 at 8:35 am Leave a comment

Pic: Weekday Market in Weichau, Ghana [CM]

Mobility and the possibility to be ubiquitous should be afforded by the so called “mobile devices”… yet, how autonomous are they? Are batteries meant to last? Are they rechargeable? These pictures where taken in Weichau, Ghana. Close to the frontier with Burkinafaso. Even though the non-autonomy of these artifacts allows the start-up of small entrepreneurs who find the way to make business profit out of it… are these products being democratic enough? Pic: Accra, Ghana. Check on the small sign “We Charge Phones” [CM]

People in rural areas, that do not have access to electricity, are obliged to pay in the day-market for a battery recharge provided by a diesel generator. They actually end paying more than they should, and the usage of their mobile devices is limited. The mobile telephone industry could consider considering the impact they have in places like Ghana [where you can find cell-phone antennas everywhere]. They should afford the real mobility and autonomy of their products if they are really committed to fulfill the needs of these markets [which are not exactly the same that the European or North American ones…]
Pic: Market, Weichau [CM]


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