After the Chilean Earthquake-Bio Reconstruyendo el Sur initiative

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After the Earthquake Catastrophe that happened on February 27th 2010, many NGO’s and volunteering initiatives raised in order to help the most damaged areas. One that seemed very interesting to me because of its “holistic” approach towards working with the affected communities is Bio-Reconstruyendo al Sur de Chile . Their focus is on community building and re-construction of the homes in the devastated areas. Not only by “giving things” but by developing skills and working hand-in-hand with the affected. Here is what artist Daniela Aravena, part of the team, reports:

Bio-Rebuilding in Southern Chile (Bio-Reconstruyendo al Sur de Chile ) was born in the hearts of a group of young Chileans, who saw in the earthquake that recently affected much of the country, a great opportunity to germinate a new world, a new way, one that made us sense to live. We traveled to Carreras Cortas and Santa Rosa, rural areas in Chanco, Maule region, and meet the difficult reality of those who were directly affected by the movement of the Earth. Is in there where we begin a process of share transformation  based in a  sustainable reconstruction that also includes both physically and spiritually transformation.

The first steps were in the direction of making a survey of information and a general cadastre of the situation. .We where certain, we wanted to give  the people of the rural communities of Santa Rosa and Carreras Cortas,  tangibles tools for self-development of a sustainable community.The bio-rebuilding project is part of a real and specific need, with the registry of local needs unearthed, we can facilitate social enterprise tools, providing technical tools to build a home and enhance self-sufficient  tools through psychosocial wellbeing, and community development.

For doing so, the project includes four major areas, Housing, psycho-social work, Entrepreneurship and Eco-school. This areas work toguether in order to obtain global reaches of sustainable way of living. We are giving an urgent and good solution for a place to live, a home, a good neighbor, a comunity to trust. We are working with the comunities here and now! And we need Help! Chile needs help.

Please visit our web site for more detail information.

Daniela Aravena
Bio-Rebuilding in Southern Chile Team


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