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May 7, 2010 at 3:01 pm 1 comment

One of my great friends,design colleague and Fulbright fellow, Diego Gómez, Graphic Designer and academic from Universidad de Chile [FAU] and now doing an MFA at UCLA is organizing [Together with LSD], once again the Exhibition: Design Politics. Is not the first time they do it. Design has a say in politics, as German design theorist Horst Rittel [who was an academic at Berkley] once said: Design is political. Let’s not forget it. Here are the outlines that Diego sent to us:

What DesignPolitics is an invitation to designers, illustrators and visual artists to have a moment of reflection about the very discipline of Design. With this initiative, we hope to encourage people in the field, to present their thoughts through a critical view on how Design has been practiced and used so far.

How This invitation has of course, a concrete manifestation. People interested into participate in the DesignPolitics project must create a visual essay on an artwork or audiovisual format, showing their thoughts on the main theme of reflection. In this particular edition, which we have named empowered graphics, we have asked the participants to submit their work based on the very open but strong concept: Power. Selected pieces will take part in the DesignPolitics exhibition. The first edition was on 2007 in Santiago, Chile. For this current version there are two modalities of participation. First, we have released an open and international call to designers, illustrators and visual artists to submit works based on the concept power, using the guidelines just published in the DesignPolitics website. On the other hand all the participants of the 2007 edition will receive a direct invitation to participate in this new version.

History The DesignPolitics project on its first edition, at that point named as visual ideologies, it was pre-released for the first time in the TrimarchiDG festival on September 2007 in Mar del Plata, Argentina. DesignPolitics, visual ideologies main exhibition opens for the first time to the public on November 2007 in the Museum of Contemporary Art of Santiago, Chile. The show presented 35 artworks and 4 audiovisual pieces submitted by authors from South America, North America, Europe and Asia. During 2009 the DesignPolitics, visual ideologies exhibition was presented at the Pixelation Visual Tour festival in Cordoba, Argentina, later at the Taller Convergente festival in Viña del Mar, Chile and finally at the Inspiration Fest in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

En Español:
DesignPolitics es un evento, resultado de una convocatoria a diseñadores, ilustradores o artistas gráficos para que desarrollen piezas gráficas o audiovisuales originales. En esta segunda versión el concepto a reflejar es
PODER. El poder del dinero, de los políticos, de la religión, de los medios, del diseño, de la gente, de la música, de internet, con opresión, con sumisión, con abuso, con fuerza, con inteligencia, que provoca cambio, miedo, alegría, desconfianza, tranquilidad, etc. El poder como la capacidad de influir, de persuadir y de mover a otro, o como tú desees reflejarlo, según tu contexto local o global. DesignPolitics, conjuga el intelecto y la imagen, el contenido y la forma… DesignPolitics es ideologías visuales.


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Interview to Michelle Sadler-Chilean medical anthro: collaboration, public policies and designers doing research part 2 Design Thinking-reporting from Stanford

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  • 1. Joaquin Baranao  |  May 11, 2010 at 7:10 pm

    Do not forget, for instance, Brigada Ramona Parra, which, through design, played a significant role during the Allende Government in Chile


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