Approaching the end-user/ Field research 1

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JAN 29/ Towards opportunity detection-areas for intervention
After testing the protocols, the teams go doing field research using them. A basic applied research toolbox will help us to design and imagine new research methods or ways to raise information. We aim to have a participative spirit in them; yet, now we are in an exploratory phase, so the applications are open-ended. In applying the tools for interviewing and observing, the teams should accomplish objectives defined by them. Interviews were done in an exploratory fashion. Warm up questions were identified as critical to gain the trust of the interviewees. For the moment, the relationship with the people is being built, so some of the teams were allowed to go in the people’s houses. Some could be toured, discovering and registering gadgets and personal stories that had to do with them. Some realized that they needed to produce better protocols or adjust the ones they had to the needs and ideas that aroused in meeting the participants. Matters like discrimination, technology, communication, physical boundaries, emotional aspects, being part of the community appeared to be relevant to the people at Parkview Manor.


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Danny Stillion: [lecture NCState] Interaction Design at IDEO Method/ User Behaviors & Mental Models

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